"There is something about wildlife that makes you forget all your sorrows" - Isak Dinesen

An open jeep safari through the wild jungles of south India's forests nestled in the great Western Ghats (UNESCO World Heritage Sight) is sure to help you appreciate nature's priceless assets. Not just should the wild animals grab all the attention; for there are several smaller species of colourful insects, lizards, amphibians, apart from a zillion birds and not to miss the thousands of plants and trees with medicinal leaves. Take a break from the busy world and slowly soak in every square inch of excitement in these forests.

Ride on the waters at Thekkady where boats take you close to the banks of the Perriyar to lay sight on birds and elusive shy animals.  

Ride open jeeps in much acclaimed forests at Kabini, Bandipur and Wayanad.  

Walk the many carefully curated treks with the help of trained naturalists, conservators and heroes of sustainable initiatives.

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