"A nation's culture resides in the hearts and soul of its people" - Mahatma Gandhi

It is to explore, that the world has come to experience first hand, India's famed culture and delve into its cultural heritage. Not just in historical buildings, temples or other edifices does it reside, it also oozes out in the form of art forms, folklore, music and even interactions with people.

At Madurai, take exclusive walking trails besides the regular temple visits - these are story trails covering temple, pottery and heritage trails. Also witness a pooja ceremony live, at one of the most iconic temples in India. 

At Kochi, walk through the ancient bazar street at Fort Kochi, the venue for spices trade in the past. Also walk by the many colonial buildings, some of which have been turned into chic hotels. And visit the famed Jewish Synagogue and the Dutch Palace. 

At Chennai, visit Kalakshetra, an arts and culture academy, dedicated to classical indian music, traditional textile designs and weaving.

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