Often known as mini-India, this is one State within which there are many worlds. You name it and you can find it. High in density of the elusive Tiger or largest in numbers of the Asiatic Elephant, the wild world here, once upon a time that were happy hunting grounds for the British and the Maharajahs have turned many poachers into conservators and guides.

Karnataka is home to some of the most exciting stories from mythology like Annegundi, some of the strongest and richest kingdoms like Vijayanagar (Hampi), and mightiest of warriors like Tipu Sultan. The State also boasts gems like Aihole (north Karnataka) where the foundations of stone (temple) architecture was taught, and the Koknan coast, where some of the most mysterious religious rites are performed.

Also on offer are great heights from where waters fall (930ft) long coastlines (320km) offering shallow beaches, surfing opportunities, Dolphin spotting and excellent beach-front resorts.

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